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Welcome to Sunburst a SUNPOWER Authorized Dealer.

How it works,

To qualify for the lease must be homeowner occupied and have an internet connection.

(1) We need front and back copies of your electric bill to verify usage.

(2)Then a solar array is optimized for your home. If there are savings, we will submit a proposal.

(3) Upon acceptance, a link is sent to verify your credit score it has to be 650 or higher.

(4) Your roof type needs to qualify.

(5) Age and condition of the roof are essential. Solar panels installed with a life expectancy of 40 years, has a 25-year warranty, and a 20-year lease.

Not to worry, we have insurance coordinators, appraisers, and Public Adjusters to help when necessary.

Once approved, a project guru will call to introduce themselves. Their job is to keep you apprised of the progress of your project.

Relax while we take care of the proper paperwork with your local municipality and utility.

After Installation of your clean, solar array, then comes the inspection before submitting to your utility for permission to activate your renewable energy system.

Congratulations! It is time to power your home with clean, renewable energy from the sun.


Why SUNPOWER? An American company is designing, installing, and guaranteeing their best in class products for 35-years.
Sunburst is an Authorized Dealer for SUNPOWER. Our job is to help with the understanding and benefits of solar. SUNPOWER does the design work, installation, approval process, monitoring of the system, warranties, etc.…

You still get your power directly from ComEd. So if your power goes out, you still need a backup or wait until ComEd fixes the problem.

No double billing, your lease starts after your system has been online for a month.

If your system does not live up to the expectations not to worry, SUNPOWER will reimburse you; they have 200 million dollars set aside for just in case.

The preceding does not take the place of the lease agreement; it is an outline of the process.

A qualified homeowner is protected, and it is a simplified process.

Sunburst will not ask about personal finances and is paid directly from SUNPOWER.

The State of Illinois or ComEd does not endorse a specific company.

2189 N. Rt. 83, Unit 266, Round Lake Beach, Illinois 60073
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