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Don’t get confused between 3rd party resellers and the Illinois Clean Energy Act they are not the same.
The idea behind 3rd party energy companies is they buy energy in bulk from the energy company at a discount and resell it to you supposedly at a discount. What saving are you receiving? Your energy is still coming from the energy company, where is the competition?

On the other hand, the following deserves your attention. The state has introduced a law that affects how residents get their power - It’s called the Illinois Clean Energy Act.

The factors affecting how we currently get energy are driving up rates, so, the state is looking to let homeowners benefit through a new program based on their mandate that we get more clean energy through solar power production.
The new electric meters monitor energy production and usage. We’re reviewing homes in the area to see which ones are eligible to take advantage of the solar program. Chances are if you don’t qualify, you will end up paying more in electricity rates and or fees.

It’s effortless if you and your home are qualified – the program supported, so you don’t have to pay an extra expense.  We do all of the work, and you get to swap out your bill for one with a lower, fixed-rate guaranteed for 20 years in writing. We cannot sign you up if we are not helping you; it’s in the Act.

Take advantage of the support program now before it disappears. 2019 support is better than 2020 support, which is better than 2021 etc. Arizona, California, and New Jersey as an example, homes that do not have solar pay more for their electricity than homes that have solar.

For the first time, you have an option to take control of your electrical bill.

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